Sure Bets calculator. The calculator can be used for investments and risk-free betting. Find a "sure bet" at or here. Fill in the odds and check that the output field show a profit. Round off the amount and enter an alternative sum bet. Check that the odds, bookmaker and team are all correct before you bet. In the case of foreign currency, enter the exchange rate under Currency. Enter the information in the yellow field, results will be shown in the blue field:



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This calculation is for matches with 1-10 possible results (tournamnets). For matches with 2 possible results (tennis,etc) Click Here. For events with 3 results (1x2) Click Here. For events with 1-10 results (tournaments) Click Here When you have laid the bet print out this page and put it in a folder so you know where your money is. Copyright 2006

Converting between different types of odds. Choose your box.   Actual odds, if charge is deducted from the win on the betting exchange.
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 Parbet , Betsson BetOnBet, Sportig Options BetXC, TradeBetX , Redbet, Betfair, Bettbulls is gambling exchanges.

Effective odds whith deposit bonus
Many bookmakers give a deposit bonus, increase your deposit. The first time those money are used the odds are higher.


On Betting Exchanges there is also a Lay side of odds. If you bet the lay side in a tennis (12) game it is the same as play on the other tennis player (in a 1X2 game it is the same as bet at the 2 other teams). Often the Lay odds are better then the ordinary (Back) odds.



Deposit bonus in %

Real odds