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    Can one always win on the lottery?

    No, that is impossible. Only chance decides who wins on the lottery.

    However, I recommend that you play on the lottery via the Internet. Playing for $3, weekly on the Lotto.

    The guaranteed win is 20 million dollars.

    Give luck a chance! Someone wins and chance decides. For just 3 dollar per week, you participate and are in with a chance. The guaranteed jackpot (all balls right) wins you 20 million dollars, paid out in Liechtenstein.

    If you loose, it goes to support the Red Cross. For me that is a win to, I sometimes play extra just to help the Red Cross.

    With 20 million dollars you are financially independent and can live like a king for the rest of your life. Just do what you will. Help to create a better world.

    Click here to access the Lotto. When you are logged on choose Golotto – that is the lottery. I have played 3 dollar a week for some years and am very satisfied, have won a few small amounts and am keeping fingers crossed for the 20 milloin dollar Jackpot. Somebody has to win it……