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    Betting at the horsetrack

    Betting in the horse track has emerged as the most significant phenomenon in the adventurous, entertainment-filled sport of horseracing. It is a lot like gambling. The amount of importance directed at this is certainly obvious because horse track is the place closest to the race in which the viewer can feel the exact excitement and nervousness of the sport. Horse track can be considered being a pilgrimage venue for the betters who risk their money in order to win huge profits and a majority of them do win huge profits.

    As normally observed a newcomer is first lured into the game by the excitement, nervousness and popularity of the game and later gets serious about the activity. As soon as the initial excitement dies and the person learns something about the sport, he switches on to more profitable modes of the sport, i.e., betting. This is when the excitement and passion becomes a dependancy for the money and leads some individuals to enormous debts. But, not every person gets in financial trouble. There are some who master the game as if these people were created for this game.

    Together with the evolution of technology, easier and more convenient styles of betting such as online betting and software like BetAngel have in addition evolved. But, the betting at the horse track has not yet failed to keep its prestigious position in the field although its popularity has staggered a little. Now, people do not consider it wise to waste time and fuel to visit the horse track when they can easily earn money sitting in the home. For any beginner, it is essential to understand some basics used at the race track so that he receives a fair idea of the sport. Many articles and books have been written by experts to teach beginners.

    WIN, PLACE and SHOW are the horses that respectively come first, second and third in the race.
    DAILY DOUBLE is the bet about the first horse in 2 consecutive races while
    DAILY TRIPLE is the bet on the first position for three consecutive races.
    PICK SIX is the same bet for 6 consecutive races. If not one person wins this race, the winner is the one who picks accurate horses for five consecutive races.
    EXACTA is the bet on the first and second horses while in the correct order while
    QUINELLA is different from exacta in the regard that there is no requirement for an order in it.
    TRIFECTA is really a bet on the first, second as well as the third horses in the given race while
    TWIN TRIFECTA is the identical for two consecutive races.
    SUPERFECTA is the bet on the first four horses in the race.
    ODD/EVEN is the bet based on the number of the winning horse, i.e. amount of WIN.

    The horse track management is also very simple. It functions around the principle that is similar to an insurance company. The total money collected is split into pools. The agent or race track removes his share of the money and the balance is given back to the winners.