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    Bet on Sure Bets win every time

    Bet on all sorts of sport and win every time Entirely risk free

    Yes! You have read it correctly. Furthermore the Sure Bets method is entirely free. A large number of bookmakers compete with high odds. If we take a hockey match one bets on 1, X and 2, the home team, tied or an away win.
    The odds are how many times one gets money back, if 100 is bet and the odds are 3 the payment is 300 (winning 200). The odds can be, for example, 2.9 – 2.65 – 3.2. If 3000 is spread over the odds the loss is about 3.5% irrespective of who wins.

    But the odds are different at different bookmakers and change all the time. Every day hundreds of Sure Bets occur. By using 2-3 different bookmakers you have found these odds instead: 3 – 2.8 –3.5. If you place 2928 according to the overodds method the odds will be:

    1000 X 3 = 3000

    1071 X 2.8 = 3000

    857 X 3.5 = 3000

    You bet 2928 and win 3000. Winnings 71 = 2,38%. Entirely risk free.

    You use a special formula to work out the bet. This is found on our
    on-line calculator. You just fill in the different odds and how much you will bet, the calculator shows how much the win of loss will be.

    How to find Sure Bet It takes too much time to find Sure Bets yourself. You get on ODDSSERVER.COM

    When you have located an Sure Bets do the following:
    Go to the indicated betting sites. Check all 2-3 sites that the odds remain unaltered. Use the calculator page and work out what you will bet. Place your bet immediately before the odds change.

    Be prepared! Register yourself as a punter at the bookmakers found on the betting page. It is free to register and you do not have to place a bet on your account until later. All the bookmakers are good with the most important first.

    Best of all is this (click here). User friendliness beats all other betting companies. Entirely risk free. You see the odds before you bet, so playing is entirely risk free.

    Betting companies are subject to stringent rules, especially in the UK where most are located. The only chance you will not get your winnings is if the company goes bankrupt. This has not happened yet.

    When you have won Please link to this site and recommend it to your best friends.