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    Web reader for winners

    Special web reader makes work easy

    When you invest in Sure Bets, you must have full control of the odds. Often one has several windows open on the web reader. A window with on-line calculator, Sure Bets server and then 2-4 bookmakers.
    This is a minimum, I have often 7-8 windows open.
    With an ordinary browser and many windows open it is too slow to click between windows, and find you’re way around.

    I have obtained my own web reader. It has tabs in the upper margin so that one can change between windows like lightning.

    The web reader integrates itself with Robotform, a free programme that remembers passwords when you log on to play sites, and fills in all information when you register at bookmakers.

    In short, this web reader makes betting both simpler and safer.

    I give away this web reader for free. Click here to download WinnerBrowser Pro

    After installation, your WinnerBrowser.Pro is ready to use. It is capable of much more than is described here. You can log in automatically. You can do whole groups of bookmakers as well as open and close whole groups with a click. The browser remembers all windows that have been open, and you can open them all again with a click. You can even translate pages. With use you will find further advantages. At the start of your investing, you are in full control and you can change between bookmakers lightning fast by clicking on the tabs.

    The browser is really superb. Internet Explorer is not half of it.

    Good luck with your investing.