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    When you register at a Bookmaker for the first time.

    * Get yourself a proper e-mail address (not yahoo) dedicated just for betting. Check that the e-mail address does not have a spam filter which can disrupt your betting mail. If there is a filter, allow (white list) all your betting sites.

    * Make a folder for yourself in your browser where you can save all bookmaker bookmarks.

    * Download the free software Robotform by clicking here. Fill in your identity, giving name, address and as much information as possible. Save the details (you can add more later).

    * Fill in the whole application with a mouse click on “Fill in” with Robotform. This will save you lots of time when you register at several bookmakers. Click on “your identity” at Roboform to fill the whole application page with one click.

    * Often you confirm your application by answering an e-mail. Make sure, you get a really good e-mail program and have it activated. Eodora is free and can sort and search like lightning. Add to this Spamnix the best anti spam program there is in all categories.

    * Continue to register – the whole bookmaker list.

    * Log in to all sites and save the log-on details in Robotform (Robotform can be locked with a password that secures everything).

    If you are investing for the first time here are some vital points.

    * If using  Download Winner Browser Pro Here as web reader, it is free.

    * Check that the odds still there.

    * Check that all bookmakers have the same method of calculating results on basket ball and ice hockey. So that one does not reckon when match time has elapsed and the other after extra time.

    * Check that you can lay on the sum you had planned, the bet can have a limit.

    * Only place small bets the first weeks, best 6-8 weeks. There is nothing like experience. Whatever you do, don’t bet big to start with.

    * Place funds in your account with a credit card or bank remittance.

    * Use the calculator page on this site and fill in all information.

    * Bet. Don’t bet 124.6, round off to 125 so you don’t flag the bookmaker that you are a Sure Bets investor. You can try different variations in the respective field on the calculator page.

    Note: Immediately after betting always print out the calculator page and save it in a file.

    * At the end of the week always check the printed calculator pages (with book-makers, events and match days entered, printed out in order, landscape page). If you have these records, you can subsequently find all the information. Check that you get all your winnings credited, these can be directly marked on the paper. You can earn USD 10 to 70 per day if you bet at the rate of USD 1000 per day. That is 3 – 20 bets per day, depending if you are in the learning curve or make large bets. Without proper records you will lose all control so always print out and save the properly filled calculator page after each bet.

    Every month
    Copy your e-mails, betting slips and Robotform settings onto a floppy. You are maybe customer of 25 bookmakers and all data will be lost otherwise if your PC crashes.

    Good luck with your investments.